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November 2020 to PRESENT

Banglore, India 

Assistant Manager - BD OPS: Flipkart Wholesale Credit
  • Flipkart Wholesale Easy Credit – Maintaining data and dashboards for the business team and providing time to time analysis for the business processes to improve and report.  

  • Running the Eligibility for easy credit customers and making them eligible for the program.

  • Owning the funnel for onboarding and conversion for customers under the program.

  • Driving collections via coordinating with the ground sales teams and owning different communication channels for collections. 

  • Working as part of the team to launch Credit Marketplace for Walmart India Best Price Stores Customer Base by owning whitelisting and allocations logics & policy.

June 2018 to November 2020

Mumbai, India 

Associate Product Manager (POS, SCF & New Products)
May'20 - November'20
  • Introduced FlexiLoans to Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) network and Completed Onboarding Journey with PhonePe Improving collections and recovery process

  • Understood Supply Chain Finance and Invoice Discounting vertical, Gathered requirements and created PRD for development of features for Credit Period (a platform which enables SME buyers to procure goods or services on credit while ensuring the sellers get their money upfront, thereby eliminating credit risk and allowing instant liquidity)

  • Identified Gaps and Initiated strategic planning framework for product to Automate and standardize the Partner Invoicing and Reconciliation 

Associate - BD & Alliances (POS)
May'19 - April'20
  • Identified Key new partners and secured the relationship by negotiating a synergized mutual benefit partnership

  • Negotiating and closing service agreement terms and commercials with partners 

  • Initiated and Onboarded New Partners by Ensuring efficient and effective onboarding process, legal documentation and contract negotiation and executions with different Partnership Models like Only Commission basis, Commission and Fulfillment basis, Partial FLDG, 100% FLDG, Risk & Reward sharing

  • Work with product and tech team of the partners to build APIs, workflows and user journeys

  • Liaison with the partner team and internal teams to create different programs and introducing new products like Short Term Personal Loan, Loan Against Card Receivables, Merchant Cash Advances, Device Financing, Loans catering to various Industries like Digital Payments POs & QR, ERP, Remittance.  

  • Robust and analytical thinking and decision-making skills, Acting as a business architect for alliance programs and initiatives.

  • Managing internal and external sources and ensuring a good pipeline of leads by building strategic and robust partnership relationships.

  • Handling Key National Accounts of Top Leaders in POS Digital Payment Industry in India and Brought in leaders of Remittance, QR, UPI Digital payment industry as new accounts

  • Was Responsible of P&L for Clients & business associated with them

  • Was Responsible for Day to Day reportings, data and analytics-driven product and policy changes to improve product config, IRR and other, to generate data and research-based insights for business as well as manage reporting for the management.

  • Created a Portfolio contributing 38% of companies loans disbursed with a peak of 67% in a month of companies total disbursements.

  • Maintained a Portfolio where Avg Annualized Intrest Rate is 27% Higher then companies Avg. resulting in Avg IRR being 15% higher of organization Avg 

  • Client Relationship Management and Servicing leading Increased vertical contribution from 4% to 37% in a year in terms of Book size and 13% to 66% in terms of Loan volume 

  • Brought down Avg TAT from loan creation to loan sanction by 72% and Avg TAT from loan sanction to loan disbursal by 40% with the product 

  • Implementing EDI level tracking for all disbursed cases as Portfolio Monitoring & EWS Initiative 

  • Reconciled complete portfolio with books maintained by partners and closed invoicing for 4k customers with 2lac+ accounting and transaction entries audited, verified and necessary adjustments made

Assistant Manager - Programs
June'18 - April'19
  • Understood and Researched Digital Lending Business and Product associated 

  • Understood Business challenge, translated that into customer needs and related opportunities 

  • Conceptualized and Created a Product framework for Quick Business Loans for SME Retailors through Digital Payment Vertical by doing a feasibility study and due diligence from all-important cross-functional stakeholders 

  • Understood and Researched On customers and Digital Payments in India

  • Defined Purpose and Requirements for the New Product 

  • Planned by creating Specific, Measurable, realistic timelines for attainable goals by answering 6 W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Which and Why) for the product 

  • Created and Aligned underwriting Policies for Concept Product using alternate data source as underwriting data for lending with the collaboration of Risk and Credit team heads of the organization

  • Defining and documenting product requirement and Designing product architect and getting same reviewed and approved by all stakeholders involved with UX for customer-facing web app journey

  • Collaborated with Engineering team to develop the Tech behind required for the product, deployed same after UAT

  • Coordinated and Framed complete process and documented standard operating procedures with roles and responsibilities of all different internal teams, partner teams and stakeholders who will be working 

  • Collaborated with Business team and Partner business team to launch the product after deployment of all necessary processing tech by developing teams, setting up tracking systems for implementation and success of the product 

  • Scaled the Product with Avg MoM growth rate of 25% starting from 10 loans a month to 650 loans a month in 12 months 

June 2017 to May 2018

Banglore, India 

Business Analyst
  • Business growth and performance improvement:

    • Was responsible for client and Operations team day to day basis reporting to track the business performance and finding solutions to operations problems regarding serviceability and performance.

    • Have a deep understanding of products and usage resulting, was the Single point of contact for Operations team product-related issues and tech team new product implementations.

    • Was the single point of contact for clients reporting and central ops projects for service-level agreement adherence, performance improvement, and growth. Have given results by running successful pilots for new clients.

    •  Worked with ground ops team after successful pilot phase identifying different issues and solving them resulting in performance and growth from service to 20 domino’s stores to currently 550+ stores pan India with an increased service capacity of 200 orders per day to 20,000+ orders per day.

    • Worked on central allocation project and allocators for serviceability improvement for clients and managing on-time delivery to result in on time rider allocation on order without manual intervention from 50% to 82%.

    • Driven process improvements and efficiency drives for hyperlocal food clients like McD, Domino’s, etc. Achieving on-time deliveries with service-level agreement adherence from 50% to 80%.

    • Worked on cost reduction projects for client’s operations targeting reducing cost per order by changing payout structures and introducing new once with increasing rider efficiency with the aim not to affect rider earning in major context resulting earning after direct cost (cm%) from -5% to 5%.

    • Worked on different small projects resulting in business optimization, increase efficiency, reduced cost and growth.

  • Riders pay-outs:

    • Handled payout processing for 4000 riders and 150+ ground managers calculations and on time releasing rider’s payout on weekly, bi-weekly and monthly time intervals with a payout of 3-4 cr. Per month.

    • Communicated with different stakeholders involved i.e. Operations team, rider management team, and finance team for resolution of rider’s concerns/issues of priority.

  • Managed operation territory:

    • Managed complete operations for three clusters (territory) of Bangalore i.e. Bellandur, Mahadevapura, and Whitefield.

    • Part of work was to visit client’s outlets for pushing them for orders, deployment of riders with their shift roster creation, resolution of all ground issues from riders as well as clients, dealing with diff. Stakeholders involved.

    • Was responsible for complete operations with a team of 5 and 80-100 riders catering 15-16 outlets for clients like domino’s, McDonald's, KFC, pizza hut and big basket doing 800-1000 orders on weekdays and 1200-1500 orders on weekends.

  • Other normal day-to-day data analytics tasks to support the sales and operations team for their respective goals. Like supporting the sales team with client data and presentations before there review meetings with clients, supporting ops team with analysis of trends and data suggesting rider deployment, growth and effective and efficient use of the resource.

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