A letter to self - "Relationships"

What works best for you in a relationship is being with someone who doesn't need you to take care of them.

Love Lock Relationship
Love <> Lock <> Relationship

Accept it that No one person can fulfil all your needs all the time. Still, at the minimum, your long-term partner needs to be incredibly independent and give you plenty of space. A partner who understands your authentic need for freedom gives you the confidence to embrace your full potential. The energy they bring resonates with you in the most supportive way. There's nothing codependent about their behaviour, which is essential for you.

It's reassuring to know that this relationship doesn't define you or your partner - your lives are already complete, and this bond is just adding to them. Being together isn't filling any void, and your partner aren't trying to change you. You're together because you want to be, not out of fear or because either of you feels trapped. Anyone needing your constant attention will drain and inhibit the person you're becoming.

You're growing into a powerful force, someone confident enough to make it up as you go, so you need to be with someone who gives you plenty of room to be yourself. Other personality traits are still important, but can't make up for lack of these characteristics. Anyone who's threatened by your creative, independent nature or makes you feel guilty about prioritizing your freedom - isn't for you.

It would help if you didn't have to doubt that your partner is comfortable and robust enough to support the person you're becoming. They need to let you shine, which encourages your personal growth and happiness. At the very least, these qualities need to be present in a serious relationship.

Having them in a partner ensures that you won't be held back from following your intended path. They're essential for you to thrive fully.


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