A letter to self - "Idealism & Hope"

Your life works better when your heart is open.

Your higher values aren't conventional, so it may be challenging to stay grounded or care about the materialistic things that consume others. Even if you have a tough, savvy, practical side, there's also a childlike innocence within - you're meant to embrace your sensitivity. This quality allows you to trust the world and see the inherent good in all things.

You may have intuitively owned your idealism, or it might seem like it's getting in the way of your practical plans or ambitions. Suppose you resist or deny this instinct and buy into traditional ideas of success. In that case, you'll eventually feel like something is missing.

For you more than others, ordinary life has the potential to feel tedious and unsatisfying without a spiritual connection or a more profound life purpose.

Even if you're reluctant to do so, you're intended to embrace the fact that you're visionary and can see the world in ways others may not grasp or perceive.

When you walk into a room, you often receive a huge amount of information. You sense the energy and emotion around you, picking up signals and unspoken feelings. Your environment - toxic or healthy - often defines your reality.

Also, other people don't always see you very clearly. They can project their fantasies onto you and perceive a romantic, idealized version of you instead of who you really are.

This dynamic may have been very confusing when you were younger. You could have believed someone was truthful when they repeatedly lied, projected generosity onto those who were selfish, or granted forgiveness prematurely.

You may have approached life as you hoped it could be lived, often perceiving things as more ideal than they really were and not seeing the world realistically. This could be something you're still coming to terms with and learning to balance.

Or you might worry that others mistake your caring heart for weakness and will take advantage of you or be overly critical. In response, you might repress your emotions and keep your feelings tightly bound as a way to hide from others.

This growing capacity to genuinely care is an authentic part of you and not something to be ashamed of.

You should let your heart soften and dreams guide you. The mystical quality you own can be healing and inspiring for people. You're meant to let your boundaries dissolve and open yourself up to all possibilities.

A part of you desires to break free from the day-to-day and connect in a way that transcends your ordinary senses. Suppose you're unable to embrace your ethereal nature. In that case, your longing may lead you to lose yourself emotionally in people, a spiritual practice, or a substance. Instead of resisting or getting lost, try to accept and channel this feeling into something fulfilling. Connecting with a deeper reality is essential for your well-being and wholeness.

Although it's easy to feel confused or uncertain when your boundaries seem compromised, try to see this energy as a contribution to your life - it's opening you up to other possibilities.

Resist the impulse to close yourself off and judge your ideas as impractical or unrealistic. If you stay open, you'll find incredible pathways appearing and your life evolving in unique and amazing ways.

Also, try not to compare yourself to others, feel pressured to conform, or be overly ambitious without any connection to your ideals. Start by taking the time to connect with how you're feeling - don't let yourself be rushed or worry that you're falling behind. It takes patience to discover what's truly best for you.


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